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Our Partnerships go beyond our software. We strive to be a true asset to our Partners by extending a helping hand in time of need. 

Hurricane Michael Support

Behavioral health does not wait for disasters. As a company with Partners all over the country we knew many of our Partners would be affected by this storm and knew that we’d have to extend a helping hand in some way, shape, or form. With the widespread impact of the storm we knew the best way the help our Partners was to help them protect their businesses and their patients.

Credible Assists Partners For Hurricane Michael

To do this, we gave all of our Partners complimentary access to Credible Mobile with a full, step-by-step overview of disaster relief protocol for our software. The combination of these two actions allowed for our Partners to be able to support their clients during and after the storm with everything from getting records to those who have been misplaced to using our Mobile functionality so Partners could support clients in areas without electricity.

Credible Cares is intertwined with our company’s Mission and culture. Because we believe in a Partnership, we look to provide support to ensure that you continue in your work effortlessly, no matter the conditions.

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With efficient care, quality services, and highly trained professionals on staff, Credible has helped our clients soar to new and exciting heights. Learn how Credible has been able to renew clients’ confidence and establish ourselves as a valuable asset to their success.

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